Guide to the Hottest Fitness Centers in L.A.

LA is the land of the fit and the people who luv them, so if you like to squeeze in a killer workout during your travels there are tons of incredible options around town. When you aren’t sweating it out in The London’s state-of-the-art fitness center, there are ways to spin, stretch and swing (seriously!) just moments away. Below I take you to 4 of my favorite fitness classes to get your GROOV3 on!


If you’ve ever wanted to hang from the rafters, this is literally the class for you! In a unique class where gravity is everything, you will find yourself swinging, swirling and twirling your way to a better body all from a few feet above ground! Don’t be fooled by the professionals: this class is much harder than it looks! Using core power and your own muscles to twist yourself into various positions will leave you breathless and sore…. however there is truly nothing as fulfilling as climbing your way to the top!

Be Prepared: A lot of this class relies on upper body strength to pull into positions.

Perk: $1 First Class (Code: #LondonLuv)

Bar Method

A favored class by celebs Madonna and Zooey Deschanel, Bar Method takes you through a ballet–meets-Pilates inspired workout of small movements with big impact. Expect to go from an arabesque to pushups to leg lifts with the grace of a ballerina and the sore muscles to prove it! This class is ideal for those looking to tone-up every inch of their body and burn some calories without necessarily pouring sweat. The carpeted low-impact studio floor and generally smaller isometric movements of this class are great for physical therapy candidates, pregnant women and those needing injury modifications. I am dedicated to the Silverlake location but there is one just minutes from The London in WeHo! Tip: Bring socks (required) or you will have to buy a pair!

Bar Method Silverlake:

Bar Method West Hollywood:

Perk: Bar Method Silverlake: $10 off your first class or package (Code: #LondonLuv)

Sweat Spot LA

A little drive east to Silverlake brings you to the perfect place to dance your face off and sweat it out while doing so! The Sweat Spot has a variety of dance classes from Modern & Jazz to Ballet and Hip Hop but what really brings the heat is the infamous GROOV3 class on Tuesday nights at 8:30. Taught by celebrity choreographer Ben Allen devotees including the cast of Vanderpump Rules head over to get their GROOV3 on in the nightclub-esque studio! Expect to learn an entire dance one step at a time and feel like you are starring in a music video by wrap time. Tip: They don’t call it Sweat Spot for no reason…it gets hot in there! Bring water, a towel and clothes you can move and GROOV3 in.

Soul Cycle

Unless you are living under a rock, chances are you’ve likely heard all about Soul Cycle from one of it’s many worshipers. There is a reason this place is so popular and it’s minutes from the hotel. Stars including Khloe Kardashian and Hilary Duff are known to spin their way to svelte at this West Hollywood location. Prepare yourself to be fully submerged in sweat, darkness and pumping tunes while your instructor barks at you to spin baby spin! You will kick start your heart and pump up the heat as the volume escalates. Tip: If you haven’t been on a bike in awhile the seat may feel less than comfy. Make sure to wear the proper undergarments and don’t be shy in asking for a seat cushion! Bring water and wear fitted pants or leggings!

Plus, make sure to check out the London fitness center right on property!

Authored By:
Lindsay Luv
Lifestyle Liaison, London Hotel