Introducing the Belvedere Botanical Cart @ Boxwood on the Roof

The new Belvedere Botanical Cart at Boxwood on the Roof is just what the doctor ordered. Starting with the smooth refined taste of Belvedere’s Vodka, and adding a touch of hand-picked herbs and fresh fruit, your taste buds will be asking for more, as soon as you’ve finished your first refreshing round. It’s the only cure to this scorching hot summer.


You’ve never had a fresh Bloody Mary until you’ve tried the one at the Belvedere Botanical Cart. Rather than the old way to make a Bloody Mary with some mix or canned tomato juice, all of the ingredients here are fresh. Fresh squeezed tomato juice and muddled cherry tomatoes makes a world of a difference, that you’ll never want your Bloody Mary’s a different way. Add in with fresh citrus and herbs including chopped dill and cilantro and you’ll be in Bloody Mary heaven.


Basil, Rosemary, and Thyme are all hand-picked in front of you, and mixed into the Spritz or Sour of your choice. Whether you want wander onto the wild side and make up your own new concoction, or let the Bartender guide you, you’ve got free reign of the freshest ingredients from the Belvedere Botanical Cart. No more boring old run of the mill drink that you order every time. Live dangerously and spruce up your outdated favorite, with the help of the talented Bartender.


So come in and let the bartender walk you through the variety of different flavors you can choose from! Whether you’re craving salty or sweet, light or heavy, there’s Spritzes, Sours, and even Bloody Mary’s to indulge in. They’ll be able to guide you to your hearts content. Don’t be shy, give into the heat on the Roof, so you can cool yourself down with a Belvedere Botanical drink!