Does Your New Year’s Resolution Need a Boost?

So here we are 13 days into the new year. 2017, BABY! This is your year! But interestingly enough, studies have shown that your resolve to stick to that nifty gym resolution might already be fading – and that most people will be back to their former couch-loving, fast-food grabbing ways by early February according to HuffPo.

The good news? That doesn’t have to be you. You’re NOT most people and we are NOT most hotels. At London West Hollywood, we believe in your #fitnessgoals. That’s why we offer an incredible on-site Hollywood gym filled with natural light and equipped with exactly what you need to stay motivated. Leave the distractions at home, we have something for everyone:

CARDIO EQUIPMENT – 4 Treadmills + 3 Ellipticals = Ready 4 U! Plus we have a specialty Adaptive Motion Trainer and Octane Machine, both of which combine the best of both worlds to give you an experience that responds directly to your movements with dynamic stride and responsive motion controls.

CYCLING MACHINES – Pedal to your heart’s content with state-of-the-art Lifecycles, an upright bike, recumbent bike and more! Need we say more?

WEIGHTS – From leg day to arm day, we’ve got you covered with a TechnoGym Kineses Station, Synergy 360T Combo and a wide selection of free weights. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Need more? Here are our top recommendations for exciting classes and gyms in LA and the West Hollywood area, many of which offer discounts or special offers when you use the special promo codes mentioned in this blog post.

Check out these people crushing their goals – remember that visualization is key! You CAN do this – and we’re here to support you during your time in Hollywood.

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healthy people working out

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focused woman ready to racehealthy man doing situps in gym






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Young woman doing exercises